Friday, October 27, 2006

Women's Lib...

Gender issues were high on the agenda in the 1960s. Or perhaps that should be "Women's Issues" as the general perception of the time was that women were very much the underdogs and men had always been able to do exactly what they wanted (actually, as a kid and a teenager, I fought a battle royal with my mother who tried to force me into conforming to what I regarded as stereotypical "male" behaviour, but that's another story!).

The 60s saw the emergence of the Women's Liberation Movement, or Women's Lib, and (above) we see signs of its growing success in a newspaper ad from 1969.

1969 again: as traditionally male careers were opening up to women, so the new freedom began to spread to men, see the ad above - "More and more men are joining the nursing profession".

In the 1980s, there briefly emerged a new species - the "
Eighties Man" or "New Man". But this was later overshadowed by the emergence of the 1990s New Lad.

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