Saturday, August 19, 2006

1969: Dr Who Exiled to Planet Earth

As every Dr Who fan knows, Patrick Troughton relinquished the title role in 1969.

In the story, the Tardis was grounded and the Doctor exiled to earth by the Time Lords. The Doctor also had a change of face and actor as Jon Pertwee took on the role for the 1970 series, portraying him as a cross between a retro dandy and a dashing James Bond figure, armed with brilliant gadgetry - such as the famous sonic screwdriver.

The Dr Who picture strip featured here, which apeared in TV Comic on 5/7/1969, adheres to the Doctor-exiled-to-earth storyline, but still features the image of Patrick Troughton as the Doctor, although in the series I believe that the Doctor was already in the guise of Jon Pertwee when he reached earth.

According to one very helpful source, TV Comic adhered to the series continuity: the Doctor was dragged into the Tardis to have his appearance changed by the Time Lords as Jon Pertwee took up the role at the start of the 1970 series on television.

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